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Miss Go-Give / Man of the Year

Miss Go-Give: Year Shelley Bradshaw 2015 Lisa Wendland 2014 Colleen Beller 2013 Michaella Fields 2012 Keri Andre 2011 Lindsay Bailey 2010 Michelle Hughes 2009 SuzAnne Brothers 2008 Jaime Brandon 2007 Char McCreadie 2006 Barbara Thompson 2005 Mory Rosas 2004 Jeanette Beichle 2003 Nancy Gerhardt 2002 Sheree Sloan 2001 Megan Arapkiles 2000 Pat Jackson 1999 Stephanie Anderson 1998 Debbie Allen 1997 Man of the Year: Year Paul Andre - The Justin Hurst

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Miss Go-Give

Mary Kay said that the Go-Give Award is the greatest honor a Sales Director can earn. Please use the above form to nominate Directors who you believe have given enthusiastically, willingly and beyond that which is expected of her. Independent Sales Director Go-Give™ Award Nomination Form

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