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Mary Kay Opportunity

The Mary Kay Business Opportunity


Are you at a crossroad? Do you need a change financially, physically, mentally, spiritually? Mary Kay could be the answer. With the Mary Kay business opportunity, you can design your own idea of success. You can sell products part time and earn extra money to supplement your income, or you may increase your earning potential by sharing the opportunity and mentoring others.

You can start a Mary Kay business for only $100 (plus tax & shipping). To be successful, one must have a “WHY” . . . what would your “WHY” be to begin your Mary Kay business? Do you see your “WHY” below? If so, why not get more information so you can make an informed decision.

Learn more about the Mary Kay career by viewing the benefits and career positions below.


Personal Benefits

• Mary Kay Ash created a business to maintain the highest values and proper life perspectives by putting God first, family second and career third.
• Fit your career around your family instead of your family around your job.
• Coach and mentor women to leadership positions.
• Teach other women to look and feel good about themselves.
• Many women in Mary Kay are moms. It is fun to get away and have “adult conversation” and social time.
• Develop self confidence. Mary Kay is a self improvement course you get paid for.
• Create friendships and sisterhood with women who share similar goals and values. You become like the people you associate with and these women are worth hanging out with.
• Achieve personal dreams and goals.
• No matter where you live there will be a group of new Mary Kay friends waiting to meet and support you.
• Have the freedom to succeed while creating the life you want. Make a little money, make a lot of money, improve yourself, buy a house, take a trip, help your children. Mary Kay gives you choices.
• See the world with Mary Kay. Top Director trips include spectacular destinations like Rome, Hawaii, Greece, Spain.

Professional Benefits

• Be your own boss and set your own hours. You decide how much you work, when you work and with whom you work.
• Receive education, support, mentoring and training.
• Unlimited advancement opportunities.
• Recognition for a job well done. How long has it been since you received applause? It does your heart good to know someone notices and in Mary Kay we notice.
• Unlimited earning potential and financial opportunities, while working from home.
• No geographical territories or glass ceilings.
• Have the opportunity to earn the use of a career car, with lease payment, registration, taxes and most of the insurance paid for by Mary Kay Inc.
• Represent quality products that enhance a woman’s image.
• Unparalleled business opportunity designed to help women achieve financial success and personal fulfillment.


Financial Rewards

Consultant avenues of income:
• Skin care classes and facials
• Reorders and website orders
• Dovetailing – if you overbook or are unable to hold a skin care class ask another Consultant to hold the class and receive a percentage of the profits made at the class
• Team building – sharing the Mary Kay business opportunity with others
• Mary Kay gives Cinderella prizes for doing your job. Cash, diamonds, trips, cars and more.
• Ready to retire, but can’t? Many Mary Kay consultants are over 55 and many women would love your advice.


Tax Deductions

• As a Mary Kay Beauty Consultant, you may realize several self-employed tax advantages. If you need a tax break, this is the answer. You should consult with an accountant concerning specific business expenses which may be deductible.


Getting started

• The Mary Kay business opportunity offers so many resources to help you succeed. The Starter Kit (just $100, plus tax and shipping), gives you tools, step by step education, and over $400 in retail product that will enable you to introduce more than 30 women to the Mary Kay products. This fabulous Starter Kit makes it easy to begin your Mary Kay business.
• This $100 decision won’t change your lifestyle, but it could change your life.


Independent Beauty Consultant

• A beautiful beginning. Learn the business from the ground up and enjoy meeting with customers and building relationships through selling high quality products.
• Own your own business and earn income from the sale of our best selling, cutting edge products at facials, classes and from your website 24/7! Earn additional income from your growing re-order business!



Independent Sales Director

• When you are ready, you may earn higher commissions and rewards by sharing the Mary Kay business opportunity and mentoring others.
• Independent Sales Directors have additional avenues of income available to them. Receive 9% or 13% monthly Unit commissions plus the following bonuses:
• Monthly Unit volume bonus of $500 or more
• Unit development bonus of $300 or $500
• Bonuses for developing leaders within your group
Sales Directors have the opportunity to qualify to earn a Mary Kay career car including the famous pink Cadillac or they an accept cash compensation in lieu of the car.




Independent National Sales Director

Once you have mastered your mentoring skills, you can earn the coved position of Independent National Sales Director and earn even higher commissions and luxury rewards with unlimited earning potential.

Independent National Sales Directors have the same avenues of income available to them as Independent Beauty Consultants and Independent Sales Directors. In addition, National Sales Directors earn the following:

• Earn a monthly commission of 15% based on the wholesale production of your personal Unit.
• Earn a monthly commission on your off-spring Units.
• Bonuses, starting at $5,000 for developing new first line Sales Directors
• Earn a $10,000 annual bonus when you develop an off-spring National Sales Director
• Receive a pink Cadillac of your choice, or a monthly cash payment in lieu of a car.
• Receive an annual luxury trip with other National Sales Directors.
• Enjoy the benefits of a retirement package.