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About SuzAnne

SuzAnne1115Many times my eye would catch a well put together, professional, confident woman. My heart would yearn and my thoughts would wander to the “someday” when I could be like that. Then the reality of just how difficult the sacrifice would be would hit. Full time day care for my children, fast foods, early morning deadlines and schedules. More stress, less time with my loved ones. The cold, hard fact was that I would turn over motherhood to someone or an institution that had no investment in the results.

I saw my independence slowly being swallowed up by the huge duties of wife, mother and homemaker. A host of other jobs – caretaker, gardener, decorator, errand lady, cook, laundress, shopper, child educator, counselor, volunteer, chauffeur – kept me busy but unfulfilled. I was tired. There was no personal growth. I said that would be for later when my circumstances changed.

How little I understood. My communication skills had slipped, confidence was weak, motivation inconsistent and time management was something I rarely thought of. Sometimes I even considered myself pretty dull and boring. One day seemed just like the rest, and money was always tight. I had to get hold of myself and do something! I had been a Mary Kay Consultant for a brief time once before. That experience had been fun, positive and rewarding. The time invested for income earned exceeded anything else I could expect, even in a part time position. With shaking confidence, rusty skills and few contacts, I picked up the phone and committed myself to a Mary Kay career once more. The words “you did it before, you’ll do it again” kept ringing in my ears. But this time I wanted to do it better.

I set a work schedule around my family. Ten hours a week, seriously committed. Two to three appointments, correctly done. Quality, attention to details, enthusiasm, personal warmth and positive expectancy became y early focus. September 1981 I debuted with a team of wonderful women as a Sales Director. This process changed my entire self concept, and in December 1995, I reached the ultimate in status – National Sales Director. I now have the best of both worlds – the chance to raise a close, active family; the will and the desire to work in the community and church; and a high profile, extremely successful career. I see the pride in my husband’s eyes as we experience the reward of exotic trips around the world. I know the security that comes with a solid, proven business. I enjoy the satisfaction of sharing career options with others. I have the energy of constant fun and reachable challenges. I luxuriate in the life and glamor of a movie star. I delight in the rich everyday experiences of wife, mother and grandmother.

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