Area Tree of Life

We are so thrilled to introduce to all our Area Consultants and Directors the AREA TREE OF LIFE. This symbol has such a deep and tender meaning as it reflects our heritage. It is our connection with Mary Kay Ash herself. From her came Helen McVoy, then Carolyn Savage, then me, and now YOU!

The interlocking circle around the tree represents our unbroken chain of sister ship and the right side represents those who will be welcomed into our National Area in the days to come.

The tree represents LIFE and the growth that creates life. When we are producing and we are growing and healthy. Everything in GOD’S creation was done so to multiply.

Your teams, your own legacy and symbolic of what you send into the life of another.

Those deep roots are vital for everything. They represent the standards of excellence; the Mary Kay way of doing business and good choices that set us a world apart from any other company.

We believe in the value of a strong personal inventory. It supports growth, confidence and a stronger outcome in every aspect of what we do. Mary Kay often said you cannot sell out of an empty wagon.

For all our AREA we want you to be part of this TREE OF LIFE and wear it proudly.

When you either start or build to a profit inventory $3600 wholesale, or already are there . . . your director will recommend you to receive THIS Area necklace. You simply use consultant order sheet and take a physical inventory and turn that into her.

Wear it to all your events showing that you have made those choices as Mary Kay always requested that we treat our business like a business.

Thank you all and together we can accomplish great things and make a difference one person at a time!