More Than a Pink Cadillac: Mary Kay Inc.’s 9 Leadership Keys to Success

In this book published by McGraw-Hill author Jim Underwood provides insights into a unique and extraordinarily successful business – one that grew out of, and is still founded upon, a simple set of powerful principles. This book represents the first time the company has given an outside author unlimited access to its employees and management. You will find inspirational stories from Mary Kay management and leaders of the sales force that illustrate the 9 leadership keys to success.

Finally, the world will know more about the business philosophy of Mary Kay Ash and the sales force leaders who are driving the tremendous success of Mary Kay in the 21st century.

Update to More Than a Pink Cadillac –
More Than A Pink Cadillac is rising fast on many best-seller book lists and has so far reached No. 9 on both The Wall Street Journal and United Press International’s nonfiction hardcover book list – all before the book’s official publication date of Feb. 1st! That’s incredible news indicating that Mary Kay’s principles and practices are finding a large audience among business, nonfiction and even how-to books.

What’s more, the book also hit these best-seller lists:
The Wall Street Journal’s business book list
USA Today’s business book list
Barnes and

More Than A Pink Cadillac also is expected to hit No. 7 on the New York Times list of advice and how-to books for the week of Feb. 2, 2003. The Business Reader Review, picked up by Web sites and some print business journals, includes More Than A Pink Cadillac on its featured January business titles. Now that’s some great press and indications are there’s more to come!