Sept. Book 10 by the 5th!

Congratulations to the Shelley Bradshaw unit for winning the party pack . . . they had a total of 42 bookings!

Our October is to have 600 Area bookings between October 1 and 5th!

August FACE RACE achievers

WINNERS: Debbie Allen
RED CIRCLE: JaLee Alger, Keri Andre Megan Arapkiles, Jeanette Beichle, Ann Blush, Mandy Crabb, Aileen Haro, Renee Howard, Ashley Miles, Chris Patty, Kimi Rozner

Consultants WINNERS CIRCLE: Debra Fuchs, Jan Panasuk
RED CIRCLE: Tera Alexander, Malinda Allan, Susan Browning, Robbyn Celestin, Ashley Dalley, Kay Dellen, Jeannie Gotta, Danielle Ibsen, Tia Isaia, Rhonda Martinez, Rhea Vann