Perfect Program (2014-2015)

Learn more from SuzAnne about the 2014-2015 Perfect Program!

Download the Consultant's Perfect Program Tracking Sheet

Brothers Area DIQs

Ashley DeHerrera (Ashley Miles unit)
Heather Forsythe (Tammy Boehm unit)
Annette Hall (Carolyn Sheppard unit)
Janice Jones (Lindsay Bailey unit)
Miranda Lange (Keri Andre unit)

March Perfect contest

Congratulations to the following March "Perfect" achievers!

Directors Perfect 10 - Ann Blush, Chandra Laboy, Aleesa Whiteis

Perfect 10 - Janice Jones (Lindsay Bailey unit)
Perfect 6 - Jennifer Richards, Val Richards (Lori Jensen-Murray unit)
Carissa Diaz (Kimi Rozner unit)